come and listen with me...

the following is a list of all of my favorite bands and
songs for you all to appreciate. i sincerely hope
you find something here that speaks to you as
much as they all do to me...

this page will be updated every so often with new
favorite songs as to not keep you all in
the dark of my most recent music ventures...

now i know that you love me,
thank god that you love at all...

i believe i can see the future,
cause I repeat the same routine.
i think I used to have a purpose,
then again, that might have been a dream.

i think i used to have a voice,
now i never make a sound.
i just do what i've been told,
i really don't want them to come around, oh no...
everyday is exactly the same,
there is no love here, and there is no pain...
every day is exactly the same
...i can't remember how this got started,
but I can tell you exactly how it will end...

and everything i am will be bought and sold,
and everything i am will turn hard and cold.

a new cavity moved into my heart today.

life's a bummer when you're a hummer,
life's a drag.

trapped under ice,
comfortably cold,
i've gone as low as you can go.

feel no remorse,
no sense of shame,
time's gonna wash away all pain.

i made a god
out of blood,
not superiority.
i killed the king of deceit,
now i sleep in anarchy.

they'll never be good to you, bad to you,
they'll never be anything, anything at all.

yes, everyone seems to be asleep...

hey look, you didn't even notice,
couldn't even tell,
just when it started... happening,
maybe just as well,
after all, everything is getting unfamiliar now,
trajectory in decline,
and we become obsolete,
a frame at a time.

i'm locked inside here,
have to stay,
with people who aren't here
all the way...

fit and confide,
before me, or I,
i will come clean, it gets worse,
it's more

i get bored.

shame, such a shame,
i think I kinda lost myself again.
day, yesterday,
really should be leaving, but I stay...

this world rejects me,
this world threw me away.
this world never gave me a chance,
this world's gonna have to pay.

i don't believe in your institutions,
i did what you wanted me to.
i'm like the cancer in your system,
i've got a little surprise for you.

guilty by design, she's nothing more than fiction..
she dreams in digital, cause it's better than nothing.
now that control is gone. it seems unreal..

your feelings i can't help but rape them,
i'm sorry i don't feel the same.
my heart inside is constantly hating,
i'm sorry i just throw you away.

if like, you should stay down beneath,
i'll swim down.
would you?
is that what you want?
would you?
is that what you want?
with you?

escape your old life
of bondage and sin.
raise your head from the ashes,
from the fire...

you'll be godlike...

i can float here forever...

and oh my god, i have missed you,
it has been so long,
and i am stronger than i have ever been in my decline.
i am stronger than i have ever been in my decline,
for now i know, now i know, now i know for certain,
now i know for certain...

oh, burn motherfucker!
carry the carcass and throw it on,
pull up a chair and watch.
the flies come roaring out
and will surround the entire world
and blacken out the sky and every last one of you,
like a plague of locusts,
like an exit,
like an end,
like the end.


i can't tell if i am dreaming anymore.

i have never felt such frustration,
or lack of self control.
i want you to kill me,
and dig me under,
i want to live no more.

my world is unaffected,
there is an exit here,
i say it is and then it's true.
there is a dream inside a dream,
i'm wide awake the more I sleep,

you'll understand when i'm dead.


i went to god just to see,
and i was looking at me,
saw heaven and hell were lies,
when i'm god everyone dies.


"each thing i show you is a piece of my death..."

no salvation,
no forgiveness,
shoot, shoot, shoot motherfucker!

there's a hole in the earth,

this is the end...


kein mitleid für die mehrheit   you make this all go away.   you're hungry, but i'm starving.   i don't care where, just far.   i am so tangled in my sins that i cannot escape.   no escape from this, my new consciousness.   and as hollow as the 'O' in god.   desire is not an occupation.  

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